Out of Concern for You and Your Home

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Out of Concern for You and Your Home

Home care agency NYC  – and the life of a senior becomes easier

We are an experienced home care agency NYC specializing in comprehensive care for the elderly and disabled. Professional help is needed especially when our body ails for various reasons. People who live alone and can not count on the support of loved ones in their daily activities are the most likely to take advantage of agencies like us. Polish Home Service offers a number of services related to maintaining a house in good order as well as elderly people care, aimed at improving living conditions while dealing with diseases.

Cleanliness and security in your home

Due to the high quality equipment and environmentally friendly means, we provide excellent cleanliness of a living space. People are not always able to find the time and strength thoroughly to clean their houses. It is difficult, especially, for a person who has mobility issues or suffers from various ailments. This is why the home care agency NYC meets the expectations of such people. Our employees are available 24 hours a day throughout the week, waiting to help. Before starting work, we prepare a detailed action plan, so that the cleaning can be adjusted to individual preferences. You can be sure that by letting us into your home, you will be safe – each candidate before being hired is thoroughly checked, there are no accidental people.

Professional home care agency NYC

Older people are special Clients, who require equally special care. Seniors often have difficulties with moving, hygienic activities and staying healthy. Polish Home Service is well aware of this, that’s why caretakers help in bathing, dressing and care. We have extensive experience in looking after people with Alzheimer’s disease. Moving around, including visits to a doctor, and observing taking the right doses of medication becomes easy with us. We know how important the needs of seniors are, those related to medical care and a sense of security, but also social and emotional ones. All this means that you can entrust us with what is the most valuable to you: health and home.

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