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Trust Our Professional Care!

Polish Home Cleaning NYC – help dedicated to those who need it

The importance of support from young people, who are fully functional, for the elderly is obvious. Their expectations are often not excessive: they usually need help with cleaning, cooking, or shopping. If a family is not able to help their loved one, who is not fully independent, they can ask a company that provides specially trained people who will offer support in the everyday life of an elderly, ailing or disabled person – Polish Home Cleaning NYC.

Polish Home Cleaning NYC – learn about our services

Polish Home Cleaning NYC is a company that offers assistance in the field of housework and care for the elderly and disabled. We have been providing our services since 1989. People employed by our company are members of the community in which they work, thanks to which they know the specifics, customs and needs of people living there. If any of your relatives or you, yourself, need help in everyday housework, please contact us. We will make your home orderly and clean. The products we use to clean homes are safe and environmentally friendly. The care services we provide are dedicated to sick, elderly, and disabled people who can not take care of themselves properly. Our employees visit clients according to schedules prepared in advance. The care plan is tailored to clients’ needs, even if they need a 24-hour care. Thanks to the fact that our workers deal with specific people, they know their needs and expectations – they are able to provide them with appropriate help.

Polish Home Cleaning NYC – you can trust us!

If you know someone who needs our help or you are such a person – please, visit our website and contact us. We offer professional assistance in everyday care. Our company develops special programs tailored to the needs of individuals and fixed budgets.

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